Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Media Day Sale!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Free pet food for a year contest

Enter to win by clicking the "LIKE" button on our Facebook page, On the day that our Facebook page reaches 500 "LIKES" we will randomly select one of our followers as the contest winner. The winner will receive one bag of dry kibble, one case of cans, or one bag of wild bird seed each month for a year, starting the month the contest ends. The more you share with friends/family and the faster we get to 500 "LIKES" on Facebook, the faster you have a chance to win FREE. FOOD. FOR. A. YEAR!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Updates & Changes

This past Saturday June 4th, we launched our new re-designed ishopmantispet website. If you have yet to make it to our new home, we would be honored if you would do so directly following the completion of reading this blog;) If you have already seen the changes, thank you for visiting/shopping with us. I would love to know what you think of our new digs.

A few other things have changed as well. We now offer three different shipping solutions!
1. Free customer pick-up at The Dawg House.
2. $8 delivery for Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor & Belleville
3. UPS Ground/Air Anywhere in the U.S.
Shipping rates for the third option are not integrated into the site yet. This will be done manually. After you have completed your order, contact us with your shipping info and we will promptly calculate your shipping total. *Shipping charges will be a second charge. 

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

To our customers

This year marked Mantis Pet Supply's 10-year anniversary! After our first decade in business, our greatest accomplishment is our cherished and loyal customer base. We built this customer base by being one of the first pet supply stores in the area to educate customers on pet food, teaching pet owners to become label readers and to consider their pets’ overall health when selecting their pets' food and supplies.

Mantis Pet Supply has provided our customers with the freshest ideas, theories, and products available. We pride ourselves on not recommending any pet foods that contain by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. 
However, the pet foods and supplies that were once only available through independent retailers (like Mantis Pet Supply) are now offered at many chain pet food stores. But how are you going to find the right pet food without the knowledge and caring of a small pet food store? Mantis Pet Supply has the experience and the heart that large pet chain stores lack. We know your pet's needs; we know how important your pet's health is to you.
But, as times have changed, so must we. We have taken our store online. Mantis Pet Supply's “new” home is -- and that is how our existing customer base and new customers can make shopping for healthy pet food not only easy but also convenient!

Mantis Pet Supply will continue to provide the customer service that you've grown to expect and your pet deserves. We will still offer the many products that our customers' pets have come to love and also hundreds of others that are not available in the larger chain pet food stores.
Place your order on and within a few days, your items will be ready. Come pick up your order -- or better yet, sign up for delivery! For a small fee, Mantis Pet Supply will deliver your order directly to you -- your pet can enjoy healthy food without you leaving your house! You can shop locally for your pet and still enjoy the convenience of delivery.
Mantis Pet Supply also will be providing 24-hour customer service support for both and for any questions or concerns regarding your pet's nutritional needs, including food allergies and skin/coat problems. Find Mantis Pet Supply on Facebook, call or text us at 734-481-1002, or email us at 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The truth about pet food.

The truth about pet food is startling. The ingredients in a majority of pet foods are not good for your pets. The ingredients in our pet foods are not only healthy for your pet, but just as affordable as commercial pet food.The pet food industry was created in the 1930s, just before WWII. The country had leftover grains that were rejected from the human market. Companies began to make pet foods from these leftover grains to minimize product waste. But consumers began to realize that pets could not live off leftover grains. The grains did not provide adequate nutrition for the pets. The companies then introduced meat into the food. But the meat was not USDA approved—it was (like the grains) leftover and not human grade quality. This meat can be categorized by the “five D’s”:
       Sadly, many companies are still making food for our pets the same way! Many “grocery store” and commercial foods contain corn, wheat, and soy—along with by-products and harmful preservatives.
       Corn, wheat, and soy can all be grouped into the same category because they are your basic cereal grains—and can be used to increase the protein percentage on the guaranteed analysis. But they are highly indigestible and cause strain on the kidneys and other organs.
       Corn, wheat, and soy are known common allergens. Corn is thought to be the third most common allergen in dogs and cats. Often when a problem arises with a pet, the veterinarian will recommend a prescription diet that will help the problem at hand but will not cure the underlying issue. But the best, and most simple, solution is to feed your pets healthy and nutritious food.
       Corn, wheat, and soy are usually listed in the ingredients as:
• Ground yellow corn • Corn gluten meal • Whole grain corn • Ground whole wheat • Ground whole grain sorghum • Whole wheat flour
       The #1 ingredient in your pet's diet should be meat—they are carnivores. But animal by-products are commonly used instead. They are also indigestible and used to raise the percentage of protein in the guaranteed analysis.
When a pet food lists by-product in the ingredients, the following items are usually what are being fed to your pets:
• Intestines • Chicken heads • Fish heads • Animal heads • Duck bills • Chicken and turkey feet • Hides • Feathers • Bones
       By-products do not have to contain meat, but can contain diseased and contaminated slaughterhouse meat and hair. If the ingredients states “meat and bone meal,” this means that it can legally contain dead pets and animals from road kill OR veterinary offices! The animals may have been euthanized OR treated with antibiotics or steroids. They could have died from all types of diseases, trauma, or natural causes.
       The harmful preservatives in commercial pet foods are equally as scary. BHA, BHT (both can cause serious liver and kidney diseases), and Ethoxyquin (which is a rubber stabilizer) are used to increase shelf life for the product. They are known carcinogens and are dangerous. These preservatives can increase the shelf life of a food or treat for two years. The food may sit in a semi-truck (or warehouse) for up to 18 months before being sold.
       Commercial pet foods are often full of artificial colors and flavors, sugar or corn syrup, animal fat, or animal digest. Do you really want any of these in your pet’s food?
       Our goal at Mantis Pet Supply is to give your pet(s) the best nutrition possible. The words in the ingredient lists of the foods we carry include:
• Chicken, Lamb, Beef.... Meal • Deboned... chicken, Lamb, Beef, etc. • Brown Rice • Potato and Sweet potato • Oatmeal • Antioxidants • Pre- and Probiotics • Enzymes
       The pet foods that Mantis Pet Supply carries are all free of corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. Your pet’s health and nutrition is our number one goal.