Sunday, May 8, 2011

To our customers

This year marked Mantis Pet Supply's 10-year anniversary! After our first decade in business, our greatest accomplishment is our cherished and loyal customer base. We built this customer base by being one of the first pet supply stores in the area to educate customers on pet food, teaching pet owners to become label readers and to consider their pets’ overall health when selecting their pets' food and supplies.

Mantis Pet Supply has provided our customers with the freshest ideas, theories, and products available. We pride ourselves on not recommending any pet foods that contain by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. 
However, the pet foods and supplies that were once only available through independent retailers (like Mantis Pet Supply) are now offered at many chain pet food stores. But how are you going to find the right pet food without the knowledge and caring of a small pet food store? Mantis Pet Supply has the experience and the heart that large pet chain stores lack. We know your pet's needs; we know how important your pet's health is to you.
But, as times have changed, so must we. We have taken our store online. Mantis Pet Supply's “new” home is -- and that is how our existing customer base and new customers can make shopping for healthy pet food not only easy but also convenient!

Mantis Pet Supply will continue to provide the customer service that you've grown to expect and your pet deserves. We will still offer the many products that our customers' pets have come to love and also hundreds of others that are not available in the larger chain pet food stores.
Place your order on and within a few days, your items will be ready. Come pick up your order -- or better yet, sign up for delivery! For a small fee, Mantis Pet Supply will deliver your order directly to you -- your pet can enjoy healthy food without you leaving your house! You can shop locally for your pet and still enjoy the convenience of delivery.
Mantis Pet Supply also will be providing 24-hour customer service support for both and for any questions or concerns regarding your pet's nutritional needs, including food allergies and skin/coat problems. Find Mantis Pet Supply on Facebook, call or text us at 734-481-1002, or email us at 

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